Have a look at these historic recipes!

If you try any, why not share some photos of the results to and we’ll upload them to our gallery*. (Or share them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and remember to tag us @ERArchives) .

NOTE: You may need to adapt some recipes to suit modern tastes and cooking standards.

*By sending us your images you agree that they can be used at the absolute discretion of East Riding Archives.


‘Mrs Wilson’s Gingerbread’

(Rachel Thompson, 1907. archive-ref DDX1882/1)

View a full transcript here

“I found this historic 1907 recipe for ‘Mrs Wilson’s Gingerbread’..”

” I was a bit daunted when I first looked at this recipe because I’ve never made anything where the only instructions are “bake in a quick oven” – I don’t even know what one of those is! But having given it a go I was pleasantly surprised that it all worked and was just as yummy as modern gingerbread recipes. Once I’d broken it down into steps (as seen in th recommended adaptation) it was very simple and only took around 20 minutes. I hope Mrs Wilson would be proud to see her recipe still being used over 100 years later.”

Naomi Peach (Volunteer)



(Eleanor Grantham, Skidby, 1890. archive-ref DDX1494/1)

Currently the oldest known curry in East Yorkshire (Read story)

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“I found this historic 1890 recipe for ‘Curry’..


‘Lemon Biscuits’

(Ann Scholfield, 1754. archive-ref DDSD/643)

(Read blog post)

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“I found this historic 1754 recipe for ‘Lemon Biscuits’..”

“The original recipe is quite vague so you have to do baking with improvisation. I think this is more fun though as it lets you be creative. The lemon in this recipe makes these biscuits some of the tastiest I’ve tried. Thank you Ann Schofield!”

Sam Bartle (Editor)


‘Sack Possett’

(Unknown, 1680. archive-ref DDHI/58/1/2)

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“I found this historic recipe for a ‘Sack Possett’..”

“The quantities of egg and sugar in the original recipe are a bit excessive. I found it better to scale back on the ingredients, and also strain out the curdled sediment, making it much nicer to drink!”

Sam Bartle (Editor)


‘East Yorkshire Sugar Cakes’

(Anonymous, 16th Century. archive-ref DDJA/72)

View a full transcript here

“I found this historic 16th Century recipe for ‘East Yorkshire Sugar Cakes’..”

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