Walking in a Winter Wonderland

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, look no further. Watch our latest ‘Archive to Armchair’ video where you can take a trip through some wintry scenes from our collections covering Beverley, Little Weighton, Pocklington and Walkington in the early 20th century.


  • [00:19] Postcard of North Bar Without, south west end from west, Beverley, c.1900s. Archives Ref: PO/1/14/312.
  • [00:46] Red House, North Bar Without, from Beverley photograph and postcard album, c.1900s. Archives Ref: DDX1525/1/6.
  • [01:13] Minster Moorgate, from Beverley photograph and postcard album, c.1900s. Archives Ref: DDX1525/1/6.
  • [01:31] Postcard of wintry scene in Wednesday Market, Beverley, c.1908. Archives Ref: DDX2111/2/1.
  • [02:01] Photo of Beckside, from Beverley Beckside photograph album, c.1900s. Archives Ref: DDX1544/1/11.
  • [02:37] Postcard of children on a toboggan presumed at Beverley Westwood, c.1900s. Archives Ref: DDX2111/2/5.
  • [02:56] Postcard of village street from south west, Little Weighton, c.1904. Archives Ref: PO/1/83/1.
  • [03:13] Postcard of view from south west, from Railway Street level crossing, Pocklington, c.1900. Archives Ref: PO/1/107/17.
  • [03:29] Photograph of terraced houses, West End, Walkington after a snow storm, undated. [Early 1920s]. Archives Ref: DDX2061/5.
  • [03:48] Photograph showing the first Beverley Rotary Club Christmas tree in Saturday Market, 1945. Archives Ref: DDX517/6/5.
  • [04:30] and [04:37] Postcards relating to Christmas, 1905-1920s. Archives Ref: DDX1321/58/1.

If you know of any other documents in our collections fit for the festive season, or have any wintry historical documents of your own at home, let us know!

Hannah Stamp, Archivist

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